Three Ws

Saturday, 25 March 2023 10:47

There are plenty of lovely places in Dorset and on Tuesday we went to three Ws, West Bay, West Bexington and Weymouth, where the best weather was certainly at the sea side.West Bay sits on the Jurassic Coast which is noted for its beauty and its crumbling cliffs like the one below at West Bay. The post clear up remains of a huge one can be seen below. I was pleased we had some intrepid beach walkers to help with scale. We kept a safe distance standing by a memorial to Canadian service personnel who trained here during WW2. Golden Cap was not looking so golden with a covering of vegetation, looking to the West. The seascape was the same at West Bexington just even less people. No icecream though. Mind you it was bizarre in Weymouth that it took visits to two seaside cafes before we managed to get an ice cream! The visitors at Bowleaze in Weymouth seemed to have no concerns about the dinosaur that appears to have made it’s home here. The view of the front at Wemouth is good even contre-jour. We sometimes encounter odd sights like a horse having a snack by the roadside in Weymouth.