Canada West Day 31 - Lakes and Crowds

Wednesday, 7 June 2023 04:21

I am based in Banff for a couple of days and chose to head west to Yoho National Park with a stop at the iconic Lake Louise on the way, essentially following the Trans Canada Highway to Field, famous for its spiral train tunnel inside the mountain. First just a little whinge. Too many people. When I visited Lake Louise and indeed Moraine Lake with mum we just drove up parked and had a little walk at each. Not now. Traffic management starts at the turn off from the Trans Canada encouraging you to use a park and ride. I was early so drove up to the, now, pay parking which was almost full at 09:30. $21 later I walked down with the crowds to the lake front. It is not a place you would spend a day. 40 minutes to an hour is about it unless you spend half an hour on a canoe. Moraine Lake was only accessible by shuttle bus. Anyway it is a bonnie place with Mount Victoria and its glaciers at the head of the lake as you can see above and below. Basically Lake Louise is a photo op so here are a couple and also a couple of crowd pictures. To be honest I could not wait to get away and looked forward to Yoho NP which could not be as busy, could it? At Emerald Lake the illegally parked vehicles started 1km before the parking lot. I drove up in hope and arrived as a car left and grabbed their spot. The difference here is that the 5.2km lake trail means you can get away from the crowds. Within 100m only the small number of walkers were there phew! It is a lovely walk around the perimeter of this glacier filled lake, hence the colour and its name. There is a lovely illustration of an avalanche zone in the portrait picture which also shows the clarity of the water which the canoeist were enjoying. I have been trying to capture the lovely swallow tailed butterflies and then suddenly there was a mob feeding. Just off the car park is a short but steep climb up to Hamilton Falls. It is always difficult to assess scale but fortunately the sharp eyed among you will see a thrill seeker in the photo. There was not a lot of water coming down but the cascades were nice and created a cool feeling in the air. I’ll finish, still in Yoho NP, at a remarkable natural bridge across the Kicking Horse River. In the end a fine day out in the Rockies.