Canada West Day 33 - Back to the Prairie

Friday, 9 June 2023 02:25

Time to drop down east of the Rockies to Calgary on the edge of the prairie. I took the scenic route as it is a short fast journey on the Trans Canada Highway. My plan was to take a loop into the mountains from Canmore in Kananaskis country. I had not expected the road to be gravel and in places concerned me I might have to collect the bits that inevitably would fall of the car. It is a steep climb out of Canmore and then the road follows along a series of lakes forming a hydro power system. I decided to cut my losses by following the road to the end of Spray Lake hoping to catch a glimpse of the iconic Mount Assinbone and then head back rather than continue for about twice as far to complete the loop. There was a beautiful lake under Mount Buller with just me and a couple along the shore having a picnic. What a good choice. I turned around and there was the headline beastie on the road in front of me. We exchanged a couple of looks as he went on his way foraging along the road. I did not get out of the car but did not need to. Who is a lucky dude. It was an interesting drive and Spray Lake was looking a little short of water. Note a couple of people at the water’s edge for a little scale. Just before dropping back down to Canmore for lunch there was a nice Rocky Mountain sheep controlling traffic. From Canmore I followed the alternative, AB-1A, route to Calgary which gradually took you along the Bow River with a couple of interesting points along the way. First there was the McDougall Memorial Church at the Morleyvale Settlement. The interpretation on site tells of the relationships between the settlers and the Stoney first nation tribe and the sad demise of Rev. McDougall who got lost west of here and died. His remains are buried by the recently rebuilt church after a fire a few years ago. The scenery tells you we are not in the Rockies any more Toto. After that came Ghost Lake near Cochrane which is another reservoir and clearly popular for fun on water and just chilling in the sun. And so to my suite in downtown Calgary and a different view from the sitting room.