Exotic Flowers and More

Friday, 25 August 2023 10:49

It has been a lovely week with nice summer weather and interesting places shared with close friends. We hit the Cambridge University Botanic Garden on Tuesday and Wicken Fen and Anglesey Abbey on Wednesday covering quite a variety from the plant world. In the Botanic Garden we were treated to some plants which look like they came from the set of a SciFi movie, mainly in the glasshouses. The one above contains Australian and South African plants at a lower density than some. There were some attractive sights outside as well including some hungry moorhen chicks sharing nibbles with some mallards. This was my first visit to the garden and I will certainly be going back to this urban oasis. At Anglesey Abbey the dahlias are quite rightly heavily promoted, and popular, but a favourite of mine are the cyclamen under the trees near the Lode Mill. Still early but forcing their way to the light. I will finish with a selection from the dahlias. What a nice way to spend a couple of sunny August days.