Colour on the Ground but not in the Sky :-(

Sunday, 12 May 2024 11:02

My home is fine for terrestrial colour but generally unsuitable for celestial colour so I generally do not bother to search the heavens when the northern lights are predicted. I am on the southern edge of the largest town in Cambridgeshire, surrounded by street lights so light pollution is the default condition. As a result I missed the chance to possibly see the Aurora Borealis which appears to have been visible to some in the town on Friday night. Ever the optimist I followed the news reporting and thought I would take a chance last night. There were two problems. First there was a haze in the sky and second there was no auroral display. Never mind. There was plenty of colour on the ground at the Lodge in the morning. The gorse at the Lodge has been spectacular for a couple of weeks and a little bright sunshine set it off. The wisteria and iris flowers in the garden were a pleasant addition to the greylag family marching round their territory. I’ll finish with a couple of photos that do not show the northern lights but do illustrate light pollution in my little town. The second shot did capture a passing plane though.