May Bank Holiday Around Home

Monday, 6 May 2024 15:10

May has arrived and the early May Bank Holiday is here. It is an interesting time of the year as we are in full transition from spring to summer. We, in the UK, are lucky to still enjoy a four seasons climate although, here in the East of England, winter is a shadow of its former self. I generally don’t go far on a bank holiday weekend so visited a couple of my local favourites, RSPB Lodge Reserve and the Shuttleworth Swiss Garden as well as a wander across the river to Eat Socon today. Of course spring at the Lodge has been graced with greylag families for a few years and the headline brood are looking well. The bluebells are out and I decided to get a little arty adding a glow filter for some fun. The azaleas are out and were enhanced by residual droplets of overnight rain. There was plenty of colour in the Swiss Garden. I may even learn the plant names one day. Today was different with threatening skies which did not put of the crowds at the Eaton Socon May Day Event. Music, games, local organisations and snacks abound. As I walked back over the Willow Bridge the skies were threatening and not long after I got home we “enjoyed” a little shower.